Guest Policies


Arriving? DO NOT BLOCK GATE. Pull into Registration Parking (follow signs - on right before approaching gate), register and obtain a pass. Difficulty walking? Honk twice and we’ll come out to register you. Vehicles must have a valid pass to approach entry gate. Caution: Gate closes between vehicles. Staff cannot stop gate from closing.

Quiet Hours and Considerate Conduct:

Quiet hours are 10:00pm to 7:30am. Balsam Cove is a family campground. Please show respect to our youngest and oldest campers at all times by considerate language and appropriate behavior choices. Do not feed or harass any wildlife.

Vehicles Operation:

Guests must display a valid pass on your vehicle. The 5 mph speed limit is strictly enforced. Watch for children walking or on bicycles. 5 mph means drivers must continually brake while driving downhill. Campers who are asked to leave for fast or careless driving will receive no refunds. Other motorized vehicles are not to be used within campground without permission except by the disabled and must be used only when placard holder is aboard.


Vehicle(s) parked at your campsite must be at least 2 feet from road. Park all other vehicles in the parking lot across from the office. Absolutely no parking in other campsites, and no parking by the waterfront at any time. Difficulty walking to the waterfront? Please ask for directions to special parking. Vehicles left in Registration Parking for any purpose other than registration may be towed without notice.


Registered guests may invite visitors. Visitors must register at the office, pay a visitor fee, display a valid pass on their vehicle and park in the main lot across from office. Day visitors must check-out by 9:30pm. If you plan to be picked up at the campground, please wait outside the gate at Registration Parking until your ride arrives. Unregistered visitors may not enter, and if they do, will be asked to leave the property.


Your children are your responsibility. No lifeguards are on duty. Children under 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult to swim, boat, or go onto boat docks. Children must wear life jackets on docks and on all boats arriving and departing Balsam Cove Campground. State Law: Children under 15 must wear helmets while on bicycles. Children may not use bicycles, skateboards, etc., after sunset. After 10pm, all minors must be on their own campsites or accompanied by a responsible adult.


All campers must (1.) Register pets at office. (2.) Pay appropriate fee. (3.) Supply current rabies and vaccination certificates. (4.) Supply office with a cell phone number. Owners must leash dogs at all times, and must clean up after pets or pay a $50 fine. Owners may not leave pets in RVs while they are off site, so please bring pets with you when you leave the campground. Pets are allowed to swim at boat ramp. Pets are NOT allowed in playground/swim area.

Check In/Out Times:

Normal check in time for campsites is after 1:00pm. Early check in is $10 extra when available. Check out by Noon (12:00pm). Late check out is $20 extra when available. Normal check in time for rentals is after 2:00pm. Early check in is $10 extra when available. Check out by 11:00am. Late check out is $20 extra when available. Please bring your own linens (pillows, towels, sheets, blankets). RV rentals require $100 security deposit or valid credit card at check in. Smoking is not permitted in rental units.

Camp Site Guidelines

All RVs, tents, screen houses, (etc.) must be set within campsite limits. State law forbids any discharge of greywater or sewage onto the ground. Do not drive nails into trees, cut trees or deface nature in any way. Clotheslines must be above 6 ft. high. Do not trim plants or alter any feature of the waterfront, scrape away moss covering, or plant anything.


Use local firewood only. Firewood is available for sale at the camp store. Please use fire ring at your campsite. Do not leave fire unattended. Fires must be fully extinguished before leaving site. Wood may not be taken from the forest surrounding the sites or from anywhere on campground property.


Do not leave trash in fire pits. Trash & Recycling dumpsters are located in main parking lot. All trash must be kept inside your RV, vehicle, or proper trashcan to not attract nuisance wildlife. No large items, mattresses, furniture, or electronics may be deposited in or left outside dumpster.


No lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk, and during daylight hours only. Absolutely no boating or water skiing in or around swim area. The two docks closest to swim area are for use only by owners of boats renting dock space, and their guests. Fishing (license required) is allowed only from dock by boat ramp. Keep lines and hooks away from people, boats, and pets. Motorized boats may not be beached or tied up along the shore.

Fireworks, Firearms, Weapons:

Fireworks are not allowed in Balsam Cove Campground. Firearms and weapons may not be discharged or brandished at Balsam Cove Campground.


Guests who are evicted after violating Balsam Cove’s Guest Policies will receive no refunds. Guests who have disturbed other guests' peace & enjoyment may be evicted without warning. Sheriff will escort uncooperative violators from campground.

Insurance and Liability

Fees are based upon the Guest assuming full liability and responsibility for maintaining insurance upon and securing their own recreational unit and items of personal property located in or about the premises, and Guest understands that Balsam Cove or its agents are not liable for any loss or damage from any cause whatsoever, such as, but not limited to: damage or loss caused by falling trees, limbs, or for damages caused by variation or interruption of utilities.


In no event shall Balsam Cove be responsible for personal injury to Guests, their children, or their visitors while upon the premises of the campground, or for damages caused by vandalism, theft or loss to Guest’s property.

Subletting of seasonal sites is not allowed.

Balsam Cove Campground •  286 Back Ridge Rd •  Orland, ME 04472  •  207-469-7771