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picture of a trailer

On-Site RV Rentals at Balsam Cove

Two rental RVs are available at Balsam Cove Campground. Two adults and up to four children under 17 are included in the base price. Up to two extra adults (or kids 17 and older) allowed at an additional charge. Absolute maximum of six people of any age.

Pets are allowed only in RV rental #6 and cabin #26.

Campground rentals are part of the camping experience and are NOT hotel rooms. Bring YOUR OWN PILLOWS, SHEETS, and BLANKETS. RV kitchens are compact and supplied with basic cookware, tableware, utensils, a small coffeemaker and toaster.

Toilets are RV type and must be used according to instructions (they clog easily if instructions are not followed). Hot water is not unlimited and long showers use it up. Complaints about NOT ENOUGH hot water cannot be remedied. Please come prepared for the campground experience.

  • Rental #5 has a queen-sized bed and 4 bunks. This fifth-wheel trailer is 34 feet long with a large slide in the living area. PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

  • Rental #6 has a queen-sized bed in front bedroom and a private rear bedroom with a fold out couch (full bed) and a bunk. This travel trailer is 31 feet long with a large slide in the living area. Pets are allowed in this rental for the regular $2 per day charge plus $15 cleaning fee.

picture of a cabin

Rustic Cabin Rentals at Balsam Cove

Three RUSTIC rental cabins are available at Balsam Cove Campground. Two are in the wooded area, #26 & #35, and one has a water view, #17a. Two adults and two children under 17 are included in the base price for cabin rentals. Maximum occupancy for rental cabins is four (4) people. Extra charge for additional adults or kids 17 and older. NO PETS ARE ALLOWED in ANY CABIN RENTAL EXCEPT #26.

Cabins are one room with one full-sized bed and two small cabin bunks. **Note: Bunks are crowded for adults. YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN PILLOWS, SHEETS and BLANKETS.

Cabins do not have a bathroom or sink but are in close proximity to campground bathhouse.

  • Cabins have a small microwave & dorm-size refrigerator. There are ceiling fans both inside and on porch, two chairs on porch, outside grill and fire ring.

  • They sleep up to four(4) people maximum. Two adults and two children under 17 are included in price. Four adults (including kids 17 and older), are allowed with additional charges. (Absolute maximum of four people of any age). Note**bunks are crowded for adults**

  • Cabin 26 is our ONLY PET FRIENDLY CABIN. Additional costs of $2.00 per night, per dog, plus $15 extra cleaning charge.

Important Information for RV or Rustic Cabin Rentals:

Check-in time for Cabin or RV Rentals is 2:00pm and Check-out time is 11:00am. Checking out late incurs a fee of $50 to $100.

Cabin or RV Rentals require a two-night minimum rental. One-night rentals, when available are +$15.00. • Waterview cabin requires a 7 day rental for most dates.

We're sorry but we are unable to offer ADA compliant lodging or camping at this time.